Naio is a holistic life awareness process

that uses somatic education principles

to support a greater sense

of well-being and connection with life. 

Seminars & Courses

Seminars & Workshops in

Naio™ the holistic life awareness process for people interested in enhancing their experiential and sensory awareness for well-being.

Practitioner Training

The Naio™ Practitioner Training Program is a path that consists

of in-person seminars, online learning, personal and group sessions that can be completed in 18 months.

Practitioner Registration

The completion of the Naio™ Practitioner Training Program qualifies for registration as a Naio Practitioner and membership in the Naio Practitioner Guild.

The holistic

life awareness process of


Dwell in the flow of life.

Naio™ acknowledges life as a flowing evolutionary, emergent, and generative process. A dynamic moving expression of indivisible wholeness. We have enfolded within our biology the

very wisdom, the intelligence

that creates, nurtures, and is life.

Using somatic education principles Naio enhances




Supports the development of Naio™ worldwide with training programs, public information about Naio, and keeps a professional register of Naio Practitioners.

What to expect

from a session?

Sessions in Naio™ are received fully clothed. Practitioners In gentle meditative open awareness apply compassionate listening touch that supports sensory development and self-awareness.


Practitioner Guild

Naio™ Practitioners once graduated from the 900-hour training program are eligible to register as professional Naio Practitioner Guild members. This supports the public in verification.

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